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SNL Season Finale: Timberlake and Gaga bring it to Studio 8H

Well, tonight was the highly anticipated season finale of Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake and musical guest Lady Gaga. SNL brought out the big guns for this, trying to create the perfect show to finish off the 36th season of the show. Justin Timberlake has been television gold on SNL with his “Dick-in-a-box” and “Motherlover” digital shorts alongside the numerous other skits he shown his acting prowess in. Lady Gaga, as we all know, couldn’t be any hotter on the eve of the release of her newest album and fresh off her number one ranking on Forbes Magazine’s “Celebrity 100 Power List”. Lorne Michaels really put it all out there for the finale and it paid off fully. The evening was chock full of highlights.
• The first skit starred Kristen Wiig and Justin Timberlake, battling for their respective “stores” dressed as a tea bag and 40 oz. beer bottle. Anytime Timberlake croons “Bring it on down to…”, you know the skit won’t disappoint, and this one was great. We were even treated to a Lady Gaga appearance for this skit. I have to even give props to Kristen Wiig for this one, as some know; I’m not exactly her biggest fan, so this is saying something about the skit.
• The next skit with Bill Hader playing a crazy old news reporter, alongside Timberlake as a “folk” art teacher, may have been one of the strongest skits of the night. Hader, who I think is vastly underrated, killed his part with lines like “Remember me!?!? Bonsai!!!” and “Suck an egg, mannequin”.
• The third skit was one that was much expected, an SNL digital short. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg reprised their roles from the aforementioned shorts and yet again, knocked this one right out of the park. This time, it was a song about a threesome, with Lady Gaga being the woman involved. I literally laughed my way throughout the whole song; it’s one you will see on the major entertainment websites for sure. It may be one of the few times you ever hear the term “dick helicopter” used.
• Weekend Update was very solid with Seth Meyers being backed by Bradley Cooper himself and a spot-on Nick Cage impression done by Andy Samberg.
• I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacles that can be a Lady Gaga performance. There’s no doubt as to the grandeur that she brings to the stage and to her music. I’m sure she had her little monsters whipped into a frenzy when she sang her newest single “Born This Way”. I’ve even found myself becoming obsessed with her new song “Judas”. I guess that’s what Gaga does best, draws people in, and turns them into her little monsters, yours truly included.
• We were even treated to a return of the animatronic Merryville Brothers tonight, which happens to be one of my personal all-time favorite skits. Timberlake, taking the spot of Jim Carrey, killed it in a romance and marriage themed turn on the amusement park ride.
• Jimmy Fallon even made an appearance in the closing skit, the newest episode of the Barry Gibb “talk show” which has become famous over the years.

Overall, I’d say the actual product put on the stage met and then exceeded the hype tonight. If you are a fan of SNL, Timberlake or Gaga, this will be a show you will want to go back and make sure you watch. Justin Timberlake showed why this show carried the hype that it did. Timberlake, Lady Gaga and the SNL cast produced a season finale that ended this season off on a stellar note. Saturday Night Live has been a late-night institution on NBC for over 35 years now. The list of names that had become mainstays in living rooms across America on Saturday nights is far too long to list here. Lately though, SNL has come under fire for bringing a less than stellar product to Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center. But tonight was a night that showed Saturday Night Live still has it, that the acclaim that is carried along with the Saturday Night Live brand is still well-deserved.



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